Meet your friendly groomers !!


America is the Grooming Manager and grooms in both El Dorado Hills and Rocklin. We love her even if her favorite football team is the Dallas Cowboys! America has been grooming for three years and she loves to groom all the small breeds. She is a complete dog lover with two dogs of her own. When not grooming, America likes to spend time with daughter, family and friends.




Anna is small in stature but always ready for a challenge! She prides herself on giving customers the cleanest dogs in town, and loves to use natural products to give them a healthy glow. Her attention to each dog’s individual needs has made her very popular here at Bark Avenue. When she’s not grooming, Anna loves spending time on outdoor adventures with her husband and their dogs.



Annie is now grooming in our new Alamo location. She brings with her over 16 years of grooming experience. She loves to groom all dogs and even grooms cats! When not grooming, you'll find Annie riding her two beautiful horses and spending time with her family and friends.


Bio coming soon - Grooming in El Dorado Hills


Cheryl groomers in our Alaomo location. Our new store has been open since July 2018 and Cheryl joined us in November. She is a Master Groomer and we are so happy to have her. She's kind, patient and really is an amazing groomer. She loves to groom anything poodle and doodle and she grooms cats! When not grooming, Cheryl likes to go to Car shows and spend time with her family and two dogs.




Crystal has been grooming since early 2013 and works in both El Dorado Hills and Rocklin. She is known for calming down the most anxious and scared dogs. She talks to the dogs as if they are her own and often gets attached to her regulars! She loves grooming Shih Tzus, Bichons, scruffy Terrier dogs, Goldens and other dogs that require all over feather trims.
When Crystal has free time she enjoys hiking, traveling and sightseeing with her pups. She loves photography, all types of animals, trying new things and exploring!



Bio Coming Soon - Grooming at our Rocklin store.


Felipe joined the Bark Avenue El Dorado Hill team in July of 2019. He comes to us from Burlingame and brings with him over 15 years of grooming experience. He loves to groom the "curly" ones and is amazing with a pair of scissors. He has a wonderful can do attitude and and a great sense of humor.   


Frances has been grooming in our El Dorado Hills locations since 2016. She loves grooming all dogs but mostly the little ones. You can often here her talking to them and helping them through the stress of grooming. She's sweet and caring and we are happy to have her.



Hannah has been grooming since 2012 and works in both El Dorado Hills and Rocklin. She is known for having a wicked sense of humor and for being extremely calm. She loves to groom Mini Schnauzers and Cockers. We consider her an expert in lines. She also loves the big Labs and Golden Retrievers. Hannah is an active outdoor girl and when she’s not grooming she likes to hike with friends.


Jessica has been grooming since 2014 and loves to groom Shelties, Aussies, & all over scissor cuts. Her favorite saying is, “My brows are on fleek and your dog’s hair cut should be too!” She has a little Lab and a Chihuahua at home. When not grooming, Jessica likes to drink Pina Coladas and get lost in the rain. Who knew?



Jessica has been grooming since 2015. She joined our Rancho Cordova team in June of 2019. Her favorite dogs to groom are Cocker Spaniels. She likes to make the lines on the breed perfect! When she's not grooming, Jessica loves to knit, read and hang out with her family and fur babies.



Megan has been grooming since 2006 and has been at Bark Avenue since we opened our grooming salon in 2007. Megan has a huge following and is often requested for older dogs and dogs that tend to be a little difficult. Her favorite breed to groom is a Schnauzer but also likes to work with puppies. When Megan is not grooming, you can find her reading, at the movies or enjoying her family and friends.


Michelle has been grooming since 2007 and joined our team in May of 2018. She loves grooming all the dogs and has a flair for doing the BIG dogs. When not grooming, Michelle is Mother to her one year old son, Clayton.


Bio coming soon - Grooming in Rocklin


Sue joined Bark Avenue Rancho Cordova in June 2018. She's been grooming in the Sacramento area for 19+ years. Sue is known for her patience with difficult dogs and always brings a level of calmness to the salon. And, if you're short on cash, just bring her some King's tickets and she'll call it good! (Go Kings) When not grooming, Sue enjoys spending time with family especially her beautiful Grand babies.


Bio coming soon - Tana works at both our El Dorado Hills and Rancho Cordova locations.